6359-101413-gs6359Before you go to throw away your trash, it’s important to note that there are a number of household items that you cannot (or should not) dispose of in your regular trash container or dumpster rental.


Many waste materials cannot even be recycled via your typical waste disposal services. These items often pose a hazard to the environment and human health and well-being and, therefore, must be handled and recycled through specialized techniques, rather than get dumped in landfills.


So, extra precautions should be taken when disposing of rubbish, household junk and other items.


What Can You Put In A Dumpster?


Most dumpster rental companies like Hoosier Hauler in Indianapolis, INaccept common materials, including:

  • Garbage, such as paper, cardboard and rubbish
  • Garden debris like branches, hedge and tree clippings, sod and more
  • Old furniture pieces
  • Renovation junk
  • Roofing items and waste
  • Construction materials
  • Wood
  • Basements, shed, garages and attic junk
  • Appliances and some electronics
  • Concrete
  • Old tires

Things You Shouldn’t Toss In the Dumpster or Sink


Some of the items you cannot put in your dumpster rental include:

  • Batteries
  • Paints
  • Oils
  • Propane tanks
  • Highly flammable materials
  • Pesticides
  • Chemicals
  • Liquids
  • Asbestos
  • Hazardous waste

How to Dispose of Things That Can’t Be Put In Your Regular Trash Container or Rented Dumpster


Paints and Stains


Leftover paint, stains, paint thinners and paint strippers contain potentially harmful ingredients and should be taken to hazardous waste center or handled by a hazardous waste management company.


Adhesives and Glues


These products contain toxic chemicals that can seep into the environment. Let the adhesive dry if you’re dealing with a small amount. But for larger amounts, spread the adhesive or glue on a material like cardboard or newspapers.


Aerosol Cans


Aerosol cans that have something in them should be handled by a hazardous waste collection service since they may contain harmful chemicals.


Motor Oil


Drain your motor oil into a clean container and then take it to an automotive facility or oil collection location for recycling. While at it, don’t mix it with any other liquids.




Use leftover fertilizer or give it to someone else who can use it. Otherwise, use a hazardous waste collection service to dispose of it.




Never pour leftover pesticides, powerful cleaning agents or other chemical product down the sink, into the toilet, or down a sewer or street drain. This can be dangerous to the environment. Take leftover pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, akaricides, nematicides, bird repellants and other chemicals to a household hazardous waste collection center.


Batteries, Old Electronics and Appliances


Some dumpster rental companies accept batteries, electronics and appliances and they’ll happily take your junk and then salvage and resell it. If your dumpster rental doesn’t accept these products, you can always find a responsible recycler of electronics and appliances.

110-1113tm-vector2-997Are you planning to do a large home cleaning project, remodeling excursion, extensive yard work or a workplace clean-out? If the answer is yes then you definitely need a dumpster rental and garbage removal service like Hoosier Hauler in Indianapolis, IN. Debris and general rubbish, roofing debris, yard trash, solid waste, demolition and construction debris and many more can well be handled using dumpster rentals.


How Long Can You Rent a Dumpster?


Since dumpsters are rented to you, you have full control over the size of garbage bin you want and how long you want to keep using it.


Garbage bin rental options include 3, 7, 14 or additional days if you plan on using them longer. Extensions over 14 days are available for an additional small fee. There is an option of picking up the trash on weekends or as agreed.


Dumpster Sizes


Dumpsters come in different sizes and you pick a size according to the amount of trash you think you’ll dispose of. Roll-off dumpsters are able to handle all kinds of debris with an additional rear door that allows you to walk in and make every step of waste removal easy. The available sizes include:

  • 6 cubic yards
  • 10 cubic yards
  • 15 cubic yards
  • 20 cubic yards

The 6 cubic yards option can hold garbage similar to 2 full pickup trucks. The 10 cubic yards option holds about 5 full pickup trucks. The 15 cubic yards option, being among the largest, holds about 9 pickup trucks. Lastly, the 20 cubic yards option holds 13 full size pickup trucks.


Experienced Service


With fast and reliable delivery, you can be assured of quality service with our experienced staff ready to help determine the best dumpster size for the job and how to control your project in terms of trash removal. The roll off compact style dumpsters offers convenience to both commercial and residential areas as they can have a small footprint that is no bigger than a large van and can fit anywhere from an alley, residential driveway or commercial lot.

4254-101413-gs4254If properly loaded, a dumpster rental is capable of fitting plenty of waste materials. Nevertheless, it should not be filled with recyclable items. A bit of forethought will save you the trouble of having to rent an additional dumpster. Below are loading tips and guidelines to help you get the most from your dumpster rental. If you need one, Hoosier Hauler in Indianapolis, IN can help.


Organize and Group Items


Instead of filling a dumpster with all sorts of items, sort them out and put recyclable items aside. Recyclable materials are cheaper to dispose of in a recycling facility. Furthermore, doing so also saves the environment and allows you to have more space for adding other non-recyclable items.


Take Things Apart and Save Space


If you plan on disposing of large items that have got open spaces in them, consider breaking them into smaller pieces as this greatly reduces the amount of space the pieces take up. This also applies when handling items that are shaped oddly.


Load Evenly


It is not advisable to fill up a dumpster unevenly. Fill up all sections evenly to prevent the pile from collapsing and causing a mess. All your planning and careful loading efforts will go to waste if the pile collapses. Consequently, you should plan properly and load the dumpster from the bottom.


Avoid Overfilling the Dumpster


As you fill your dumpster, do not let the waste go beyond the top. Some firms are likely to charge you an additional fee for doing so. To get the most from a dumpster, consider the type of waste, the dumpster size and distance from dumping location. This is more cost-effective particularly if you want to avoid paying surcharges.


While indicating your specific needs and requirements for a dumpster, never make the mistake of underestimating the space your items will occupy. Sometimes, you may not notice this until the moment you begin filling the rental dumpster only to realize that you are running out of space. Most importantly, do not fill your dumpster with recyclable items since these can be disposed of easily and cheaply at a recycling plant. Use these simple tips and guidelines to get the most from your rental dumpster.

wheely bin colourThe environment is very important and is what keeps all living things alive. There is definitely a need to take great care of the environment by all people worldwide. How we dispose waste is of major concern if we have to avoid releasing harmful substances into the environment. A rental dumpster is one good way to dispose of wastes from our homes. Hoosier Hauler in Indianapolis, IN takes the environment very seriously with the way they handle hazardous chemicals and materials. You should too. Most of these wastes can be recycled and put into better use. Recycling is one great way of preserving the environment. However, not all wastes should be dumped into the Dumpster since some are very harmful and need a special way of disposing.


High Toxic Substances in CRT Tube Televisions


A CRT Television is one such item that cannot be dumped in a Dumpster. The CRT Television is considered harmful by various departments of toxic substance control. The Cathode Ray Tubes cannot be disposed of in a landfill since they contain high quantities of lead.


Lead is one of those heavy metals and usually considered highly toxic. Releasing such highly toxic substances into the environment can lead to environmental pollution. Such compounds can leak into lakes and lands where they can be absorbed taken by animals and plants which we end up feeding on.


Other chemical compounds found within the Television CRTs include gold,silver and cadmium which are also considered highly toxic. These compounds have been found to leak into the ground water and cause ground water contamination.


Have you rented a Dumpster and don't know what kind of waste to avoid placing into the dumpster? It is essential to know what wastes should be placed in the dumpster and what should not. This way, we all can avoid releasing toxic substances into the environment.

hoosier hauler 52-3-800-550-90Planning ahead before taking delivery of your commercial dumpster is extremely important. The dumpster company will charge extra fees, should they encounter difficulties when delivering or picking up the dumpster. You may also get fined by local authorities for illegal placement and endanger the safety of work crews. The following are critical considerations when deciding on where to place your commercial dumpster.


Local Regulations


Many local authorities require a permit if the dumpster is to be placed in a public area. Your dumpster rental company will usually take care of permit requirements. However, it is important to confirm this in order to avoid any misunderstandings and fines. Regulations may also require the dumpster to be shielded from public view by the use of a screen.


Overhead Lines


Dumpsters will be delivered on a truck. This means there should be enough height clearance, for ease of loading and unloading of the dumpster. Do not locate the dumpster under overhead power lines, as this could endanger lives. Other overhead obstructions include tree branches, balconies, and other overhanging structures.


Firm Ground


Dumpsters require solid ground because of their heavy weight. Soft ground will cause them to sink into the soil once they are loaded. It would also not allow a heavy trash lifting truck to slide in and lift the dumpsters. Ideally, they should be placed on concrete surfaces or on asphalt. The ground should also be level to minimize the risk of the dumpster rolling away and to make it easier for the lift truck to pick the dumpster up.


Clearance around theSides of the Dumpster


It is important to know the exact dimensions of the dumpsters you choose, so as to choose a proper location for it. If you need help with determining what you need, Hoosier Hauler in Indianapolis, IN can help. Dumpsters require a good amount of clearance around them to allow workers to load them and the lift truck to pick them up and dump them. This is especially important if forklifts or conveyor belts are used. There should be enough room for the dumpster swing door as well.


Finally, ensure that there is enough room for the truck to make turns when delivering and picking up the dumpster. Following these tips will ensure your dumpster usage proceeds smoothly without incident.

hoosier hauler 54-4-800-550-90Trash raids or dumpster digging by people can be really disturbing. In some cases trash digging can expose people to different dangers such as poisoning in case you had put poison in the dumpster for you to kill rodents that may have been attracted to the dumpster. In order to avoid all the menaces you need to employ different tactics that will lead you to protecting your dumpster rental from trash raids. Here are some ways that you can easily employ:


Place Your Dumpster in a Secured Location


In order to ensure that people are unable to enter the dumpster, you need to place it in an area surrounded by fencing. It should have a door that locks so others cannot waltz right in to the area. This will require you to look for a place that provides plenty of room and is distant from the building.


Use a Strong Fence


There is another method that you can use to ensure that the dumpster area is secured and protected. The fence you choose should be high enough to prevent climbing and to hide the hideous views of dumpsters and trash.


In addition to a good height, the dumpster fence should be strong enough to handle abuse, such as hitting or ramming. A cheap or thin and flimsy fence will make it easier and more tempting to break into.


Add Security Cameras


Security cameras are a great way to deter anyone from just about any area. It may not always work, but it helps significantly. Be sure to place the cameras where potential trespassers will see them. If someone notices that the area is being watched, they may hesitate to dig into your dumpsters or even climb the fencing.


Put Up Signs aroundYour Dumpster Rentals


By placing signs in the area, you are warning trespassers about the dangers of the area, as well as the security measures you have taken. People will know that the area not only presents potential hazards, but also is being monitored by security cameras. This will help deter trespassers from intruding into your dumpster rentals.


With these tips, you will have a safe, protected, and secured area for your dumpster rentals. If you are looking for dumpsters to rent, Hoosier Hauler in Indianapolis, IN can get you what you need and help determine the right size for your business.

hoosier hauler 51-2-120-90-90-cOne problem that many business owners, home owners, and industrial property managers encounter when they rent dumpsters is the fact that other people in the neighborhood will just walk up and throw trash into them. This is not only frustrating, as it can mean not having enough room to dispose of your own trash, but it could also increase your trash bill since, in many cases, the dumpster rental has a weight limit included in its price. Fortunately, there are some easy, no cost/low cost measures that you can take to prevent unauthorized materials from being deposited into your dumpster by other people in your neighborhood.


How to Prevent Others from Illegally Using Your Rented Commercial Dumpster

  • Place a sign warning people not to use it. Install a signboard in a conspicuous location near it, or on it, warning people not to damp unauthorized waste into your dumpster.
  • Place your dumpster in a secure, well-lit area. Don’t place your dumpster in a dark alley, where people can dump waste in without being seen. Place your dumpster inside your perimeter fence, or set up a temporary fence around it if you don’t have one.
  • Make sure you check your dumpster every day for illegally dumped trash. Be on the look-out for any suspicious dumping activity on your dumpster and the surrounding area. Have someone keep a look out for suspicious activities while you are not there.
  • Schedule your trash pick-up day well in advance, and load your dumpster as soon as it arrives. It can take several days for the garbage pick-up service to remove the dumpster. So schedule your pick-up day in advance, and have the container brought to your property when you know you’ll be able to load it quickly. This will reduce your exposure time to illegal dumping.
  • Rent a dumpster model that locks up when not in use. Use a dumpster rental service that offers locking container models. If locks are not provided, you might want to consider renting a dumpster lock.
  • Use a security camera. Installing a security camera system above the dumpster can enable you to keep a look out for suspicious activity. Don’t hesitate to call local law enforcement if your problem is serious enough.
And if you are in the Indianapolis, Indiana area and looking for a reliable dumpster rental company, do not hesitate to contact Hoosier Hauler to meet your needs.

hoosier hauler 50-1-120-90-90-cA dumpster is a large bin specifically manufactured to hold waste until it can be properly transferred to a garbage truck. The garbage is then moved on to a recycling facility or landfill. In some countries, a dumpster is also called a skip bin. Dumpsters are quite ubiquitous in some major cities. They are used to help manage the huge volume of waste generated by residents and commercial establishments. Eventually, dumpsters are collected and dropped off by a big waste management company. 


How Are Dumpsters Emptied


A standard dumpster is used to get rid of all kinds of garbage. Such a dumpster is called a roll-off dumpster. At the end of the equipment, you can notice two steel wheels. These are located beside the loading doors. The steel wheels allow the equipment to be easily rolled. The truck lifts one end of the dumpster, and drags it to the dumping ground or recycling facility. Once the dumpster is taken to the dump site, loading doors are opened, and the dumpster is lifted high enough to make sure the waste slides out. When the dumpster has been emptied, it’s taken to a different site. 


In most cases, a dumpster is specifically designated for a specific kind of waste. For instance, newspaper companies and print shops have paper dumpsters. These are used to collect paper from the establishments for recycling. Some grocery stores and restaurants used particular food waste dumpsters. The food can be sent to pig farms or composted for disposal. These days, green waste dumpsters are getting increasingly popular. They are used by companies to get rid of plastic, glass or metal. Companies have also been using dumpsters for recycled materials. The concept has been popular because of increased awareness about the benefits of recycling. 


If you have a need for services such as dumpster rental, then do not hesitate to contact Hoosier Hauler in Indianapolis, Indiana.

drawconstrctionWhether you’re doing a complete remodel on your home or office or just some important touch ups, if you are overseeing a construction project, it’s important to know what’s coming every step of the way.


Everything from the types of materials used on your project to waste removal matters, and here are some tips for staying on top of your project:


Ask Questions. As you plan your project, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you’ve hired a professional or a project manager, ask them anything you aren’t sure or clear on—better to clarify than to find out you misunderstood something and deal with the consequences later.


If you’re managing the process yourself, ask questions about every aspect: materials, supplies, tools, designs. You’ll learn a lot from asking the right questions!


Inform Yourself. A little bit of time online or in the library can do a lot for your planning process. From professionals you’re considering hiring to materials to ideas, there are resources out there to help you understand more about your project.


Don’t overwhelm yourself with information that doesn’t apply to your particular project, though; look for ideas that directly contribute to what you’re doing.


Be Gracious. Everyone you come in contact with in this process is potentially someone who can help you with some aspect of your plan. Be direct with your questions, but be gracious when someone answers them or helps you out. You will be amazed by how many doors you can open with a good attitude!


You deserve to be satisfied with your results and the process of getting there, as well. If you need professional waste removal services or dumpster rental services in the Indianapolis, IN area, look no further than Hoosier Hauler, providing dumpsters just right for whatever you need.

6753-101413-gs6753As you get ready for the coming cold weather, there might be some important yard work on your schedule. Some of the steps you take now for your yard and garden will make a big difference in how easily you can start your spring planting when the winter finally moves out.


Planning what you’ll need in advance will help, as well; a rake or leaf blower and a weeding tool are obvious choices, but another thing to consider before you start your yard work is what to do with the debris. If you have a large yard and you’re preparing the entire yard for winter, you will likely need to consider a small dumpster to help remove the debris.


Here are some tips for fall yard projects:




This one is a given—if you have a yard with many trees, your lawn might already be completely covered in leaves. Help your lawn last for as long as possible by getting the leaves out of your yard.


Raking is obviously the most straightforward way of removing leaves, so grab some family members and make it a goal to rake the yard in a day. If you have a leaf blower, you can certainly speed up the process, but an extra set of hands or two couldn’t hurt.




If you leave the weeds behind, many of them will likely start to grow as soon as the soil and sunlight become favorable. Keep that from happening by weeding your yard and garden before the ground becomes too hard to do so.




You can feed and protect your garden all winter long by preparing the soil for spring, including mulching.


Weed the garden, remove any remaining plant debris, then till the soil in your garden plots. Put the mulch over the prepared soil, and when it’s time to plant in the spring, your garden will be ready for you!


As you set to work putting the finishing touches on your yard for winter, don’t forget to check with Hoosier Hauler in Indianapolis, IN, for your yard waste removal. There’s a dumpster just right for your yard and your project!

The old round bulbs have faced a market challenge since the emergence of fluorescent bulbs. Despite its popularity and the benefits of fluorescent lights, it is worth noting that there lies a hidden risk associated with the use of these lights and with waste removal.


Here are some of the dangers of fluorescent lighting:


Dangers of fluorescent lighting.


1. Flicker effects


Fluorescent light bulbs contain a gas that glows on whenever electricity is passed through it. This creates a flickering effect of a frequency of approximately 100-120 Hz which is known to cause problems to some individuals with light sensitivity, including individuals with conditions such as autism and epilepsy. In addition, the electromagnetic ballasts powered bulbs are found to largely cause eyestrain and headaches in some people.


2. Electromagnetic radiation risks


Just like all other electric-dependent devices, the electronic ballasts contained in the fluorescent bulbs emit magnetic and electric fields. Despite the fact that the fields are emitted in the low frequency, the intensity with which they are produced are associated with some biological effects, including a possible link to cancer and diabetes.  It’s advisable to keep a good distance from the fluorescent bulb light source.


3. Ultra-violet radiations


Not all fluorescent bulbs produce ultraviolet emissions, but quite a significant number of them are known to emit the UV radiations. The proximity to bare skin can lead to intolerant exposure levels, and when you look at the light source directly you tend to increase your risk of eye damage.


4. Mercury


Most of fluorescent bulbs contain mercury. This is toxic to pregnant women and also high risk to young children. Avoid cleaing up the pieces of broken fluorescent bulbs in presence of women and children. In some cases, you are required to have specialized disposal agents.


Check with your local authorities or waste removal experts like Hoosier Hauler in Indianapolis, Indiana for the best way to dispose of used or broken fluorescent bulbs.


Finally, given the above dangers of fluorescent lighting, it’s wise to keep these things in mind when you use these bulbs. The caution you take will determine the significance of the effects.

When choosing a waste container size, you'll need to consider how much and what type of materials you'll be disposing of. Waste containers generally come in four sizes: 10, 20, 30 or 40 cubic yards. Below is a description of the different container sizes and what they are used for.


10 Cubic Yard Container:


The 10 cubic yard container measures twelve feet long, eight feet wide, and four feet high. This type of container is best for minor disposals, such as drywall, concrete, or renovation materials from a bathroom. Because of its smaller capacity, it is also ideal for yard waste disposal.


20 Cubic Yard Container:


The 20 cubic yard container is typically the minimum waste container size you'll need for moderate to heavy projects. Measuring twenty-two feet long, eight feet wide, and four and a half feet high, this container size can be used for roofing materials, demolition projects, and household junk removal.


30 Cubic Yard Container:


The 30 cubic yard container is ideal for larger projects, such as demolition, large remodeling jobs, and even tree trimmings. Just about any demolition material can be placed in the bin, including rocks, concrete, and drywall. It is twenty feet long, eight feet wide, and six feet high.


40 Cubic Yard Container:


The 40 cubic yard container is the largest, measuring twenty feet long, eight feet wide, and seven and a half feet high. Use this one if you have a rather large residential or commercial project. The 40 cubic yard container is perfect for large, bulky materials.


In choosing a waste container size, it is a good idea to get one that is bigger than what you think you'll need. Household and construction waste can take up more room than anticipated, depending on the materials disposed of.


By renting a bigger bin, you can be assured that you have enough room for junk disposal. If the container ends up not being filled, the rental and/or dumping fees may adjusted accordingly, and you can discuss options with your dumpster rental company. Hoosier Haulers in Indianapolis, Indiana, takes great pride in helping customers determine the best size waste container for each project. 

Landfills were initially created in the 1950’s and are a necessity in our society. They are the place we send our trash, and other discarded items. One acre was equaled by the land needed to manage this waste for 10,000 individuals. Trash could be stacked up to eight feet high per acre. There are three aspects that are very important to consider for landfill locations:


Landfill Location


Locating a place to place a landfill can be complex. There are regulations that must be followed as well as some limitations. A place selected for landfills must pass screenings to ensure it matches with geological and engineering specifications and regulations.


Cost of Disposal and Operation


Waste removal costs increase if a landfill isn't found within a decent space to the community subsequently. It is becoming harder to locate places to put landfills as communities become more and more populated. Many communities have to go outside of their state to locate a landfill. The impact of this is a significant rise in the price of waste removal.


Looking To the Future


As waste breaks down is an all-natural process that creates, what's called, landfill gases. The gases must be diffused as these waste gases present a health hazard.Though many people recycle a lot of their waste these days, the future of landfills isn't as hopeless as it may appear. The great developments in landfill building and the standards of operation have made landfills safer and more effective at waste disposal.


There's no doubt that in the future there will be ways to make them considerably safer and even more efficient. The key for the future is appropriate direction, preparation and guidance of landfills to ensure that when shut, they're put back to great use and that they don't present a threat to the environment. Nevertheless, removing waste is still very important. Landfills are likely to continue to be in use, although they may transform over time. And if you need help disposing of your trash, Hoosier Haulers of Indianapolis, Indiana can assist you in getting your trash to the appropriate landfill where it belongs.

There are few delights in life more inspiring than taking pleasure in the immense outdoors without leaving your home. During the summer months it is time to consider expanding your home by means of a backyard deck. There are virtually boundless numbers of alternatives for making the backyard deck or patio into somewhat as individual and unique as the interior of your house is.


You can generate a straightforward, one–level backyard deck where the family can sit and take in nature, or go the other way and construct an exotic outdoor setting, one that comprises an outside kitchen with grill, refrigerator, granite bar and the outside stereo system. The only genuine limits are your funds, your thoughts, and what is allowed in your area.


Like with any home–improvement, the additional research and planning you carry out on the front end, the superior your backyard deck attempt will go. You will put money, time, and aggravation aside from thinking in the course of what you would like to carry out beforehand. 


Luckily, there are more sources available currently than ever before to assist design and construct the ideal mission for each necessity. Irrespective of where your backyard deck design arrives from, it is significant to construct one that is affable to and consistent with your setting, both in the home and worldwide sense. 


Traditionally, woods for example, cedar, pine, mahogany, redwood and Ipe have been amongst the most admired for backyard decks. Each has its benefits and its supporters. For example, Ipe has an incredible standing for its aversion to insects and climate rot, but much of it is reaped from South American rainforests, which is not a fine thing. Pine is comparatively cheap, regarding half what the significantly more stylish cedar and redwood cost.


Alternatively, plastic lumber contains no timber whatsoever. The other option is aluminum decking. For most people, composites and plastic lumber are short of the loveliness and genuineness of natural woods. Obviously, their selling point is that they need less maintenance than conventional woods and do not crack, decompose, or taste good to termites. The quality and collection of unconventional fabrics have enhanced sharply in modern years.


Backyard decks are supposed to be planned and constructed of materials that match your home and those in your area. In that extreme, it is not strange for home owner associations to include agreements that state suitable materials and maximum dimensions for any home modifications, as well as backyard decks. Earlier than committing to a fresh project, ensure that it stands up to relevant house owner agreements and zoning limitations, if any. 


To make the most of the ecological appeal of your deck, let it match your backyard. Attractive plantings in the outline of a small vegetable garden or flowerbeds can serve as multicolored improvements to lay down the backyard deck off and boost its natural magnetism.


Having a nice backyard deck is a great way to provide your family with a comfortable outdoor living area, but you have to dress up your deck correctly. By following these three tips, however, you can make your backyard deck a comfortable and inviting space for your friends, family and all of your guests.


1. Add Plants


One of the positive things about being in the backyard is the fact that you can enjoy trees, flowers and other plants. Therefore, you should definitely consider adding a few plants to your deck and its surrounding area. You can have vines and roses climb up the sides of your deck, or you can plant shrubs and flowers alongside it. You might even choose to keep potted plants on the deck among your furniture.


2. Choose the Right Furniture


You will obviously need a comfortable spot for sitting, relaxing and eating on your backyard deck, so make sure that you choose the right furniture. If you like to grill out or otherwise enjoy nice meals outside, a nice table and chair set with an umbrella can be perfect. Otherwise, you may want to invest in comfortable deck chairs or an outdoor sofa for attractive and practical seating.


3. Think about Lighting


You will need to have some sort of lighting on your backyard deck for warm summer evenings, so consider your options. Tiki torches, hanging party lights or simple lights with a dim switch can all work well for providing lighting in the backyard. However, you can get a bit creative if you want to make things even more attractive and interesting; for example, you can invest in lanterns, or you can try lighting candles on your deck to really set the mood.


Your backyard deck is sure to become a favorite spot for everyone to hang out, so consider these three important aspects to make it even more homey and inviting.


Do you know what oil is? Oil is any natural chemical substance which is non-polar and very viscous at room temperature. Oils don’t mix with water as they are non-polar, and in many cases polar substances like water and non-polar ones like oils are hard—if not impossible—to mix. On the other hand, oils are lipophilic, which means they mix with other non-polar oils to form a homogenous thick mixture.


The value of carbon and hydrogen content found in oils is relatively high, making the it highly flammable and slippery. These two distinct characteristics of oils make them very useful in many situations ranging from lubrication to fuel. For these reasons, oils have unique waste removal requirements and are normally utilized to the last drop unlike other substances which is normally thrown away since their usefulness diminishes with time.


Why Can’t Oil Be Thrown Away?


There are many reasons as to why oil cannot be thrown away. Some include:

  • Oil can be a good source of fuel.

Since oil is flammable, it can be harnessed as fuel for heating and cooking. It has been shown to have a high calorific value so throwing them away means a great waste of energy. Instead of throwing them away, they should be used as fuels to solve the problem of energy crisis. If oil is not disposed of very carefully, it will bring problems like accidental fires which may claim a lot of lives and property worth a lot of money. Thus it is good to utilize oils otherwise instead of throwing them away.

  • They are good lubricants.

Because oil is thick and viscous, instead of throwing them away, they can be used in lubricating moving parts to reduce friction and enhancing the lifespan of the different machinery. It is not necessarily a requirement to use new oil in order lubricate as even used engine oil is still viscous enough to perform this duty.

  • They are non-biodegradable.
Since oils are normally immiscible with water, throwing them means they could end up in bodies of water and settle on the surface, hindering the penetration of oxygen in water. This will deplete the oxygen in the water and the aquatic life will perish due to lack of sufficient oxygen.

There are several ways to prevent waste before it is generated. Two of them are to reuse items and to donate. By reusing items, I mean to use them in different ways such as taking glass jars and using them to sort out nails, screws, and other tidbit's around the house. Also you could take plastic bottles and make them into bird feeders or decorative center pieces for tables. Even key rings and other objects can be reused to make various things like jewelry.


This helps to prevent these items from becoming unnecessary waste in our landfills and also provides new and unique items to be used. The second way to prevent waste before it is generated is to donate still usable items to be resold in second hand stores. Items such as clothing, furniture, dishes, toys, antiques, and so on can be resold to new homes and other uses. It may seem like something only for the poor, but you'd be surprised at the uses people find for such things.


Some people use the clothes to create homemade Halloween costumes or for everyday wear. Other items become interesting decor. Many items find new homes this way and often become new family heirlooms just because they are unique. Even paper can be reused in other ways, people often make beads out of paper and I've seen little girls turn old newspapers into little hats, boats, decorations, even wrapping paper for gifts.


People even donate old books and papers to free libraries and bookstores to be read by others. There a many ways to reuse and donate and recycle items that would become waste in our landfills, even seeds can be dried and used to plant gardens the next year instead of throwing them away. A good way to remember to prevent waste before it is generated is to remember the old adage "One man's trash is another man's treasure."


Don't Burn Your Garbage! The impact of burning garbage on the environment to human health is highly know today. Burning of garbage and leaves is prohibited in most places. The harm is that the practice of burning rubbish/garbage in an open container like a fire pit or a barrel is useless when you take into consideration combustion proficiency. The biggest flame you can make in your fire pit still burns at a relatively low temperature. This results to numerous pollutants being generated and emitted directly into the air. You are not just adding to the greenhouse gases that threaten to change life on a worldwide scale or pollution level development but you're likewise putting your family's personal life as well as your life at a great risk.


One product that results directly from the incomplete combustion of garbage is carbon monoxide. It's colorless and odorless. It prevents oxygen from being ingested into the bloodstream. The obvious smoke that you can actually see when you burn garbage is made out of tiny particulate matter which contains all toxic pollutants. Breathed in particulates can stay in the lungs for months or years. This can result in numerous health issues. Burning polyvinyl chloride (PVC's) or plastics produces hydrogen chloride gas that can create fluid build-up in the lungs and injuries in the respiratory tract. 


Benzopyrene is also a common compound that is released into the open air when garbage is burn. This is a well-known cancer-causing agent and one of the ingredients contained in cigarette smoke. It's been majorly linked to lung disease and a few experts say that smoke from burning garbage contains 350 times more benzopyrene than cigarette smoke. Dioxin is the worst pollutant that you can release in the open air by misusing fire pits. This is a heavy-duty cancer-causing agent. It is associated with birth defects. Dioxin could be inhaled directly. Fall-out from the atmosphere can contaminate water, soil and eventually crops. The most threatening pollutants are the ones that get to be part of the food chain. 


Just be responsible. Most things we throw away could be recycled. Most towns and cities offer pick-up or have stations to get recyclable garbage. Don't Burn Your Garbage. You ought to instead work with a garbage hauler company and get your garbage put into better use rather than polluting the environment.


Identity theft is one of the simplest crimes one can commit, as it is evident in dumpster diving practice. At the same time, it is a crime that is extremely hard for you to recover from. Identity thieves are capable of making good use of any opportunity available to get your personal information. They can do a lot of damage when they uncover and find information such as account numbers of your credit cards, social security number, your name, income, your address and phone numbers.


The dumpster is the carrier of a lot of personal information, these information ranges from mails of places and people you know and others you don’t know, holiday special offers and sales promotion deals, junk mails that contain offers from credit banks and loan companies; informing you of a qualification for a loan and many more. All these are likely to go to a dumpster. Additionally, it also contains all your reviewed bank statements and containing real figures of all your wealth at the bank.


Through a less given thought to this everyday activity, you have succeeded in giving thieves enough information to make your life emotionally and financially miserable. Bank statements and bills in a dumpster that show your account numbers, contact information, credit limits as well as other information is just making everything easily available to identity thieves. Whether you realize it or not, all the information you threw away has become a public property and identity thieves will use that to do a thorough hunt in your home environment as a way of making easy wealth.


Once an identity thief discovers all those offers of pre-qualified credit cards, he will simply reply to them under your name. Inform the company to change your address while pretending he is the owner, and reply to your offers under your name and file a change to your post office address. Once the criminal get hold of the charge card, he will quickly run it to the limit, and make you have a huge debt without even knowing.


However, it is extremely difficult to prevent identity theft as it has many new ways of happening. All in all, you have to be extremely cautious in how you dispose papers containing your important private information at home.


When renting a dumpster, it is imperative to know how much it is going to cost you. The amount of money you will be charged for renting a dumpster varies considerably depending on the region you are in and other factors such as the type, weight limit, waste type as well as the duration. As for the procedure on how to rent a dumpster, the first thing you will need to do is to determine how big your dumpster is before contacting a dumpster rental company. Find out what can be included in the dumpster and what cannot so as to determine whether it will fit in small, medium or large containers.


Another thing you will need to do when renting a dumpster is to determine when you want it to be delivered. It is advisable to call the dumpster rental company 48 hours in advance for prompt delivery. You will also need to clear the space in front of the container. This is because the truck that will be picking the container will need room to maneuver. Otherwise you may end up being delayed several days by the dumpster company. At worst, the dumpster company may require you to pay them for driving by. Clearing the space in front of the container will also interfere with the truck from interfering with your driveways, septic tanks and overhead wires.


After the dumpster has been delivered, you will need to follow the safety rules in order to make sure that no one is injured in the process of disposing the trash in your dumpster. If you want the job to be done properly and cost-effectively, it is best if you order the right size of the dumpster since you will pay per trip to have the trash hauled away. If you order a dumpster that is going to make many rounds, chances are you are going to pay more compared to if you ordered for a dumpster that could have hauled the trash only once.


If you’ve ever found yourself wondering: “How do I find my carbon footprint?” then you’ve probably worried about the effect you’re having on the environment in some way, shape or form. There are a variety of steps to take to figure out your carbon footprint, the majority of these steps involve making some changes in your life and around your home.


Your home may be the biggest producer of your carbon footprint. Things like the heating in your home, hot water, effective lighting, appliances and electronics all contribute to your carbon footprint. By switching some of these around to more efficient varieties of the appliance you can easily reduce your carbon output by quite a bit. Oil and gas are some of the biggest producers of carbon dioxide; both can be switched out for something a little greener and more efficient in the long run.


Reduce Your Footprint



By changing your lightning to a more effective method you can easily stop the overproduction of carbon there. The use of Energy Star appliances and electronics also helps infinitely more than many would think. Unplugging electronic equipment when not in use, this keeps your electricity from being sent through the appliances with them not in use.


Heating is a major issue when it comes to your carbon footprint. Everyone likes to have a warm home, especially in the cold of winter. Running a heating unit constantly can be bad for the environment, especially in the long run. Switching to a more efficient heating method can help you, your bill, and the environment greatly.


Find Your Footprint



There are numerous ways to find out what your carbon footprint is, at least within the ballpark. Various websites, such as nature.org, can help you discover just how much you’re producing and how you can reduce such effects.


By answering some simple questions as truthfully and efficiently as possible, you can discover just how much you, as a single person, or your entire household produce in carbon. Finding your carbon footprint and seeing how high or low it is can give you that boost needed to start making some changes around the home. Read above to figure out some good ways to reduce your carbon footprint.


Once you get down to it, the carbon footprint isn’t that scary of a thing. We can easily manage how much we put out and in what way. All it takes is a little work and we can simplify our lives and help do our part saving the planet and its greenery. 


They don't seem to be there but the benefits are really great.


Recycling has been a subject of discussion the world over for so long until, sorry to say, the utter importance of it has seemed over - emphasized. The reduce, re-use and recycle slogan shouldn't be just a wording for the bigger outdoor picture or the house hold waste commonly called refuse.



There are many waste materials in the offices most of which is paper. First of all recycling office paper reduces the paper bill by a huge percentage; this be as low as 20% below the normal expenditure on paper. Recycling will also involve paying some fees for eco - friendly recycling.


Recycling in the office will also involve use of staple-less stapler, use of rechargeable chargers and batteries, use of things that have been made from recycled materials. E.g. Tissue paper from recycled paper. Cleanable mugs can also be used in place of disposable ones.



All this leads to lowering the cost of operation especially in the long run. This leaves a margin of some cash that would otherwise have been use d just in case recycling hadn't been done. The extra cash can be used on the improvement of the welfare of the employees. Besides, it will help to inculcate a positive behavior and general acceptance and valuing of recycling not only as a method of saving on expedite but also as a way of reducing the effects of waste on the environment.


Recycle material is usually more difficult to dispose and often more hazardous. Electronic waste for instance is majorly non-biodegradable. This is an outright source of pollution. Paper and pins too could be a health risk and the litter would as well leave the environment quite untidy. Recycling these would help to maintain the natural beauty of the environment.



Either way, recycling is essential in avoiding environmental pollution and helps to inculcate a positive environmental conservation culture among the employees.


Garbage around the home environment can attract different kinds of animals. Anyone who has a garbage can outside their house has, at one time or the other, experienced this. While dogs and cats will create a mess with the garbage, raccoons can cause destruction to property when attracted by garbage. No one would want to be cleaning such a mess daily. As such, one should look for ways to keep animals away from garbage cans.


How can I keep animals from my garbage cans?


Is there a way to deal with this situation? Indeed, there are a number of measures that one can employ to secure their garbage cans from these animals.


Pour ammonia in the trash can


Ammonia liquid is commonly used as a cleaning substance. The liquid has a very strong smell. As such, whenever animals try to access the food in the garbage cans, the strong smell will drive them away.


Secure garbage can lids


When they are attracted by the smell of food, animals will only access garbage cans that are either not covered or whose lids they can easily open. Securing the garbage can lids will effectively address this problem.


Fasten garbage cans to some support


One can do this by either fastening two garbage cans together or tying a garbage can to a pole. In effect, this will make it harder for the animals to knock the cans over and consequently scatter the litter all over the place.


Isolate all garbage cans


A fence around garbage cans will be a secure wall to prevent animals from accessing the cans. Wire mesh should be used since the animals cannot pass through the spaces.


Sprinkle bleach over the garbage


The smell of food plays a major role in attracting the said animals to the trash cans. Sprinkling bleach over the garbage will do away with this smell. Since animals will no longer smell the food, they will not enter the garbage cans.


While the above steps will help in keeping animals from garbage cans, it is also important to empty the garbage cans regularly. This will ultimately help in keeping the home environment clean at all times. 


Proper waste management is critical to ensuring protection and conservation of the environment, consequently preventing pollution and environmental degradation. This also leads to the realization of health benefits resulting from a clean surrounding. All waste products that arise from various human activities should be kept in a designated place, monitored, moved and either recycled or disposed in a responsible way. There are several levels at which waste management can be undertaken. This can be done at the household level, estate level or city level. Whichever way this is conducted, it is vital that everyone understands the advantages of responsible waste management.


What to consider during waste management


There are a number of questions that need to be answered before one determines the proper way to manage the waste in question.

  • What is the nature of the waste? Can it be recycled or reused? If not, how can it be disposed safely?
  • How much garbage does an average household create each month? Can these quantities be reduced?
  • What methods of waste management are available at the time?
  • Can the garbage be used for constructive purposes such as the production of waste energy?

Answering these questions will help in coming up with the best method of handling and managing the waste for better results.


Ways to ensure effective waste management


Waste can be managed responsibly in a number of ways. Depending on the type and amount of waste, a household should adopt the following measures.


Reducing the creation of garbage – this is a major way of cutting down production of waste materials. Using rechargeable batteries as opposed to disposable ones, buying only what is required, reducing the packaging used and shopping in bulk will help in reducing garbage.


Reusing items will actually render them useful instead of having them in the dustbin. Containers and plastic bags can be used repeatedly to hold different things. Other items can be given away to friends and neighbors or donated to charity.


Recycling – inorganic substances that cannot decompose are better off recycled than treated as waste. In this case, glass, plastic, aluminum and paper can be reprocessed to produce new products. In addition, buying recycled products will encourage recycling, creating a vicious cycle that benefits the environment.


Management of residue – any waste that can neither be reused nor recycled must be disposed responsibly if proper waste management is to be achieved.


Benefits of proper waste management


Waste management helps in greatly reducing the pollution of air, soil and water. As such, the surrounding will be kept clean.


A polluted environment will result in disease outbreaks and consequently the spread of such diseases. Waste management addresses this problem, leading to numerous health benefits.


Managing waste properly by reusing and recycling greatly lowers the costs of disposing the remaining garbage.


Some waste materials have proved useful with regards to the production of waste energy. Such clean energy conserves the environment and reduces expenditure on fuel.


Waste management remains an important issue in the world today. With international discussions on climate change and global warming, it is imperative that everyone understands the importance of waste management. This will greatly help in making the world a better place. With such an understanding, the measures outlined will be followed and the benefits that come with the same realized.


Dumpsters come in a wide variety of sizes. It doesn’t matter what purpose you need a dumpster for, including trash removal, project cleanup, or even a home overhaul; the size and features are important. When looking for a dumpster to rent, you want one that is convenient to use, easy to remove, and does not take up a lot of space. Here are some of the important characteristics you want to look for in a dumpster rental.

Size and Dimensions

The most important characteristic you need is the size of the dumpster. You want one that does not take up a bunch of space, but does provide a lot of room for trash. The best options include dumpsters that are long yet lower to the ground. This makes it not only open to plenty of room, but also easier to throw the trash into. You do not want to have to overwork your back to get the trash in the dumpster, especially with heavy items. It also helps to see how much room you have left.

Because the dumpster is long, it is also provides a slimmer design when it comes to width. This gives you plenty of room in the driveway for cars or even room to maneuver around the dumpster, especially in tight areas.

Structure and Design

The structure and design of the dumpster determines how it is handled. You want a dumpster that is not only easy to remove, but also easier to get to without moving other things around. It is beneficial when you can have it picked up without having to maneuver to a different side, which could end up destroying the yard, the flowers, the walkway, etc. Knowing this will also help you decide where to place it and what direction to have it on the ground.


Spring and fall are the most popular seasons for cleaning as homeowners look forward to the upcoming seasons. When it comes to fall maintenance, it’s all about cleaning and preparing for winter, especially in your yard.

Yard work can be a cumbersome task, and it’s worse if you have to bag up everything yourself and take it away—a one-day job could easily turn into an entire weekend when you factor in that time. Working through a checklist and renting a dumpster for your yard debris will make your fall yard work much easier.

Things to Consider for Your Checklist

When you make your fall checklist, you’re going to want to consider all of the things around your house that are important for the coming winter. Grass, plants, leaves, trees, limbs, trash—all of it needs to be accounted for.

This list should help you get started on your own checklist, but don’t forget to take a walk around your house and yard and keep your eyes open for anything you want to tackle before it gets cold!

  • Lower your lawnmower: if you allow your grass to grow a little higher in summer, now is the time to cut it short again. 2 inches is about the perfect height for fall and winter.
  • Get rid of weeds: Though you might be used to picking weeds in the fall, targeting them now will keep them from popping up as the weather warms in the spring.
  • Grab the rake: This is the biggest job, but an important one. Fall leaves, of course, will fill up your yard, but thatch is just as important to rake up. Thatch is a layer of dead plant life close to the soil in your yard, and it can kill your spring growth if not removed.
  • Patch or sod: If you have bare spots or want to lay new sod, it’s actually better to get it out of the way in the fall. This gives the new grass time to strengthen rather than fighting against summer heat.

Whatever’s on your list this fall, make it easy on yourself by making a plan for the yard work and the debris!

 If you need to rent a dumpster - we are here to help! 

Remodeling results in a beautiful space, but the process can get a bit messy! If you’re planning to remodel your house or office, you might not be prepared for the amount of construction debris and dirt that will need to be accounted for—thankfully, there are ways to make this a non-issue.

When it comes to remodeling debris, a roll-off dumpster’s going to be your best bet: affordable, dropped off and picked up for you, and both large enough for your trash but compact enough for your space.

What to Clean

As for cleaning, the best thing to do is to clean up as you go in the space in which you’re working, which will mostly mean removing debris and keeping the workspace tidy.

When the remodeling is done, you will want to do a full cleaning—remodeling tends to carry dust through the building and it’s best to tackle that quickly. Here’s a guide to get you cleaning after your remodel:

  • Clean the walls. It’s often hard to see the layer of dust left on the walls, but it’s there! Tip: on freshly painted walls, dry dust only.
  • Vacuum all of your floors. Carpets will be most clean after a couple of passes, and a quick mop over your hard floors will help get up any lingering dust.
  • Dust the furniture. This will likely mean grabbing the vacuum’s brush attachment for your upholstered furniture and a damp wipe of your desks, tables, and chairs.
  • Change the air filter. Your air filter will be working overtime catching the dust, so when your space is finished, go ahead and switch it out for a new one.

When the dumpster rolls away, your building is clean, and you can admire your new space, it will all be worth it!

Dumpster rentals come in a wide variety of sizes to cover just about any need. Whether you’re looking to rent a dumpster for commercial use or residential use, there are many sizes to choose from. Depending on how big your project is, you may need more than one. In commercial applications, dumpsters are typically available in sizes such as 6, 10, or 15 cubic yards. They often get used for construction cleanup, demolition projects, building upgrades or renovations, out of business cleanups, and much more.
Residential projects also carry size options such as 6, 10, and 15 cubic yard containers. They often get used for home remodeling projects, move-out tasks, rental cleanups, home acquisitions, full home cleanouts, yard cleanups, construction projects, and much more.
Dumpster rentals are usually measured in cubic yards, due to their large size. A cubic yard is essentially a box that is 1 yard on each side. To calculate cubic yards in general, you multiply the length by the width by the depth in feet to get your total cubic feet. 27 cubic feet is equal to 1 cubic yard. Therefore, if you calculated 54 cubic feet; divide by 27 to get 2 cubic yards. So the math goes as follows: width x length x depth = cubic feet. Cubic feet ÷ 27 = cubic yards.
All measuring confusion aside, different tasks may require different sizes. It is recommended that you plan for a larger size than you think you will need, simply because trash can pile up rather quickly and fill more space than you thought. This happens more frequently than you could ever imagine.
For a typical house room cleanup project, 6 cubic feet should do just fine. For a whole house cleanup, you may want to consider 10 or 16 cubic yard dumpster rentals. If you have whole house cleaning to do with furniture or fixtures, 16 would definitely be a safer route to go, though 10 cubic yards might work. For construction projects, such as roofing, room upgrades, or yard cleanup, a 10 cubic yard dumpster may work ok. For room additions, it can depend on the size of the addition.
In commercial applications, multiple dumpsters are typically used. They are great for placing in different areas for quick removal of trash and debris, as well as great for ensuring that there is enough room available to get the job done efficiently. Commercial sizing and quantity needs are usually based on the task and the overall size of the job. A demolition project may require 16 cubic yard containers and possibly several of them. If completing construction cleanup from project renovations, 6 or 10 cubic yards will probably work well. For out of business tasks, it may depend on what will need to go, but 10 and 16 are pretty common. Building upgrades and additions can pile up a lot of debris, so 16 cubic feet commercial dumpster rentals are a good idea there too.
With all the confusion on sizing up your dumpster needs, just remember that you can always get more and have the full one hauled away. But if you go larger than you think you need, you may not have to get another dumpster rental. So don't worry about it too much. Obtaining another one is very easy.

When you need to remodel your office, there are a lot of components that go into the planning, from the scope of the remodel to the contractor you’ll hire to the dumpster rental to handle the debris from the remodel.

Then there are design decisions, color choices, furniture and materials—the list gets longer and longer!

The best thing you can do is break it down piece by piece. With that in mind, these three tips might help you make some of those decisions:

Where to Start

The biggest impact to your space is going to be the color. People have an immediate reaction to the color of a room, even if they aren’t aware of it, and color is one of the easiest things to change that cause such a dramatic difference.

Color is received on a psychological level, so when you’re considering your color choices, keep these basics in mind: cool colors like blue and green tend to produce calm and trust. Warmer colors, like reds and oranges, generate excitement. Don’t go overboard with either one, though; or the results might not be what you expect!

Sometimes, your house needs a full clean out, not just a tidy up. When that happens, it’s going to be a big job and a commitment. However, with a little bit of planning, it can go much more smoothly than you think. The key is to plan in advance, though!

When you’re planning, consider every aspect, from who will be helping to the waste removal services as you clean things out. These tips will also help you through it without being overwhelmed:

1. Work in small increments. If you try to go straight through for hours, you will burn out quickly. Instead, give yourself work time and break time, and stick to it—make it part of the schedule.

Plan to spend some time on it, so don’t give yourself too much of a time constraint—take the time that you need to get it done without stress.

2. Sort as you go. Have piles or boxes for donate/sell, trash, and keep, and as you pick items up, decide where they go and put them in the appropriate place immediately. This will keep you moving through the space and when you’re finished cleaning out the clutter in the room, all of your things will already be sorted.

3. Use a to-do list. There’s two reasons for using a list, both to keep you focused on the tasks that need to be done and to give you a sense of victory. It feels great to mark something off your list.

Don’t be afraid to break the list down into details like “sort living room corner” and “vacuum bedroom.”

One of the best things you can do is not give up—keep working at it until it’s done. You will be glad you did!




Remodeling is a huge undertaking: contractors, workers, planning, equipment, dumpsters, tools—there’s a lot of people and things involved, not even counting all of the decisions and plans you have to make!

One of the best things you can do is learn about remodeling from those who have already done it, like the team at Everyday Tips & Thoughts. They often have insights you might miss as a first-time remodeler.

Recommendations & References. Before you hire anyone, check recommendations. Call the references they provide, and check their work. If they have been around long enough and done enough work, they will have left some kind of impression on those with whom they’ve worked.

Know What You Want. Before you go into any planning stages, decide what you want and what you need from your remodel beforehand. If you don’t, the contractor will start to inject many ideas of his own, and you might end up with a finished product you don’t like or isn’t practical for you and your family.

Take Control. One of the biggest things homeowners who have never had any remodeling fail to do is take full control of their project. It’s your home and your money—it’s okay to be in control.

For instance, you might need to lay some clear rules: no smoking in the house (it has happened!), clean up when you’re finished at the end of the day. You might also need to remove workers who are underperforming or being neglectful. Put yourself in charge and work closely with your contractor.

Plan Everything Early. Before you sign anything or agree to anything, get everything settled. Make everything crystal clear as far as where the money is going, what type of product is being bought, and your expectations so that there are fewer surprises. 


There are a few things you can do in your yard to make sure your plants continue to grow well and your yard always looks healthy. It takes a little bit of time, but when you’re done, the effort will have been worth it.

It’s best to do these in the spring, but if you’re a little late, don’t wait!

Remove Debris. Got dead leaves in your yard left over from the extra-long winter? Rake them out and get rid of them—if you’ve got an especially large job, renting a dumpster is not a bad idea.

Dead leaves will inhibit growth and smother plants, so the sooner you get rid of them, the better.

Pruning. Pruning away dead branches and damaged tree limbs will help keep your trees growing and keep them from crowding other plants.

Thin Out Plants. If you have perennials growing, you might need to think them out. If flowers grow too close to each other, they won’t grow as big or spread as wide as they normally would because of the crowding.

Prune down your plants and dig a few of them out and move them to make room for more growth.

Recover the Lawn. Do you have bare spots on your lawn? The earlier you can get the soil prepared and the grass seed in, the better, and the more full and lush your lawn will look.

The key to really making your yard look great is planning. It's tempting to leave your plants alone if they're looking okay, but a little bit of care can never hurt. If your plants are already looking good, then the work will be light!


For safety’s sake, once you put something in your dumpster, you should leave it there. However, as you’re cleaning or remodeling, before you throw things in the trash, take a minute to decide if it could be sold or donated.

There are some creative, crafty people who actually go searching for treasures in the dump and junkyards and often find them in the form of furniture that can be restored or painted and enjoyed.

Would you ever consider looking for pieces in the dump?

Things You’ll Find

Some crafters turn this into a steady line of projects and some even turn it into business! What kind of things might you find in a dumpster to restore? Many different types of furniture:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Shelves
  • Cabinets

And also accessories like:

  • Trays
  • Clocks
  • Vases
  • Paintings
  • Frames

The key is in the restoration. Those who make a project out of finding things in dumps have learned how to see through the dirt, grime, or surface damage to the potential within the piece.

Renting a dumpster is a great way to deal with the waste generated by big cleaning projects, home or business remodeling, or community clean-ups. However, there are certain extremely important safety tips for using a roll-off dumpster.

One homeowner in Prescott, Arizona learned this the hard way when his dumpster caught on fire because of hazardous chemicals tossed in during a home renovation.

In addition to the firemen who originally responded to the call, hazardous material technicians came out and cleared the scene of the dangerous chemicals.

Dumpster Safety Tips 

If you’re getting a dumpster, there are just a few basic rules to follow that will make your experience safe for everyone:

1. Don’t overfill. There’s a fill line on the top of each dumpster, and it isn’t arbitrary. Overfilling a dumpster can make it difficult and dangerous to transport. When you fill the fill line without overfilling, you’re keeping the dumpster techs safe.

Is your garage overflowing with boxes, cans, containers, furniture, and things you don’t even recognize anymore? The whole thing can get to a point where it’s too overwhelming to face, and then it seems easier to ignore it.

What you need when it gets to be that big of a frustration is a plan, and here you’ll find a step-by-step plan that will work even in the most cluttered garage!

Step #1: Take it Out. The first hurdle to get over is just starting. Knowing where to start can seem in itself a challenge, but there is no right way—the only right way is to get in there and do it!

The first step is to start taking things out of the garage. You’re going to want to create three distinct areas: a residential dumpster for throw away, a give away/sell pile, and a keep area. As you pick up an item in the garage, decide which pile it goes in and put it there. You'll be amazed how just clearing out some space will make you feel!

As Spring moves in, so does the sometimes tumultuous weather it brings with it. Several areas across the country have recently been hit with rain waters that caused saturation and flooding.

When flood water gets into a house, it can do a significant amount of damage that requires cleaning and repair. When the flood waters recede, the best thing you can do is jump right into the cleaning process to prevent further problems.

One Mayor Talks Clean Up

The mayor of Highland Park in Illinois recognized the issue with clean up after flooding and offered ideas for trash disposal in the area:

  • Residential Roll-off dumpsters for larger loads. The cost of the roll-off would include delivery, hauling, and disposal, making it the best deal for a big clean up.
  • Curbside pickup for debris. The amount of debris caused by even a little bit of flooding can be significant and more than your weekly garbage pickup is willing to deal with, so special curbside pickups were made available.

The size of the job determines what will be needed, but if you have more than a pick-up truck’s worth of debris or trash to haul, a dumpster’s the best bet.

Across the country, there are companies springing up specifically to help senior citizens who are in the midst of a move. A move can be overwhelming for anyone, and when mobility and strength is limited, that much more so.

These coordinators step in and do a lot of the management of the move: movers, cleaners, dumpster rentals, estate sales, packing and unpacking. It's a huge stress reliever for the person who's moving as well as their family, who often want to help without knowing exactly how.

The Reason

The executive director of National Association of Senior Move Managers, Mary Kay Buysse, said:

“When a senior has lived in their home for 50 years, a move shouldn't end up being done on one weekend with a dumpster in the driveway. Now a family can be supportive during the move instead of being the bad cop saying, 'No, you can't take that with you.' "

The stress of moving is huge both for the senior and for the family, and those who run these types of businesses hope to help on both fronts.

Have you ever helped someone else clean their home? Maybe it was for a move, a garage sale, or a loved one's estate sale. Perhaps you helped your friend get the deposit back on their apartment or cleared a relative's house out to be sold—was it easier to clean their house than your own?


It's actually not that unusual to find it easier to clean someone else's house once the decisions are taken out of your hands. A roll-off dumpster, a few helping hands, and some teamwork can clean a house pretty quickly, in fact!


Tips for Helping


When it comes to helping friends or family clean, the key is to be as courteous and respectful as possible. You're there to help clean and to be good company, and etiquette says that's what you should strive to do.

Remodeling has been extremely popular in the past ten years as homeowners to change their houses rather than trying to find new ones. There are lots of great reasons to remodel, and for some remodeling projects, can actually be a decent investment if you plan to sell your house one day.


Want a few ideas to get you started? In an interview with CBS, Angie's List founder Angie Hicks gave some of her suggestions for remodeling; here are some tips based on those suggestions:


Plan Ahead & Communicate. There are going to be a lot of small details to work out from what you're going to do with certain items to grabbing a rental dumpster for trash, but going into a project, there are some bigger details to look at, too!


If you meet with your contractor the first time and have absolutely no idea what you want to change, it's going to be hard for them to get a vision of what you want. Instead, come with ideas: look online, in magazines, or in other people's homes. Take note of the features you love and really want to use.

Whether you bought a new house down in the same state or are moving across the country, there are a lot of things that go into packing up an entire house. If you haven't made a big move before, it can seem pretty overwhelming. The trick is to break things down and to start early.

These tips are things you can start doing a couple of months in advance to keep everything running smoothly and to put you ahead of schedule:


Clean it Out


The best thing you can do to prepare for packing is to get rid of anything you don't want to take with you. If you can, set aside a weekend, rent a dumpster, and go room by room throwing away all of the trash and anything broken or worn out that you don't need.


For things you don't want to keep but are still in good condition, either plan a yard sale or donate them to a charity organization. Either way, you'll be free of clutter, and other people will be able to enjoy the things you don't need anymore!

It might seem like a strange team, but inmates in California are partnering with different organizations in their area to clean up the highest litter areas in the county.

That might not seem like a lot of litter, but you will be surprised to discover just how much there actually is. That's true of any city, including Indianapolis, and even if you don't see the litter first hand, there are always areas where it is taking over. It's an unfortunate truth, and one that everyone should be aware of.

Roll-Off Dumpsters & A Cleaning Crew

Recently, the inmate's cleaning crew took on an area of Bakersfield with the help of roll-off dumpsters, and the work they did was tremendous!

The weather has been a bit iffy, but it looks like spring is slowly making it's way in, and that means one thing: spring cleaning. Everyone likes to jump in and get some cleaning done as the weather shifts, throwing open windows and throwing out junk!

Do you have a garage full of things you know you'll never use? Or a pile you keep meaning to throw away, but it's just too much to haul? Spring cleaning is a great opportunity for you to try a roll-off dumpster.

Organization Tips

The biggest problem many homeowners have is clutter: too much stuff in not enough space! When you start to do a full-house spring cleaning, there are going to be a lot of those clutter items you're going to want to get rid of.

If you're having a hard time parting with clutter, ask yourself a few questions as you go through your belongings:

  • Have I used this in the past year?

  • Am I going to definitely use this in the next 6 months?

  • Is this one of my favorite things?

If the answer to those three questions is “No,” then it's time to throw it out!

On the more random and interesting side of things, green ingenuity and smart recycling is coming up in the strangest places—like our very own roll-off dumpsters. What happens to a garbage dumpster or roll-off dumpster that is, for one reason or another, no longer useable? Well, these clever people have a few ideas!


Dumpster Swimming Pool


While the method isn't provided, in order to make this dumpster swimming pool, the owner must have cleaned it, tiled it, and added a filtration system. It sounds like a lot, but it's likely to not be as bad as it sounds, and the result is a swimming pool derived from an old dumpster.


Now, if we might just suggest a new paint job for the outside? We prefer red! Keep reading for two more clever dumpster ideas.

City and neighborhood clean-ups are becoming more and more popular as people become more aware of and concerned for the environment. Sometimes run by the city and sometimes run by individuals or neighborhood groups, these clean-ups encourage volunteers to keep a neighborhood looking beautiful.


Setting up your own neighborhood clean-up is easy, even as an individual, a business, or just you and your neighbors.




Roll-off dumpster rental is your first step. Choose a central location as the start and ending point to your clean-up, and have the roll-off dumpsters delivered there. At the end of the clean-up, ask volunteers to bring their bags back to be placed in the dumpster.




Getting the volunteers is the trickiest part, but if you've got some energetic people at your job or neighborhood, you likely won't have too much trouble. Once you have your volunteers, make sure you've covered everything they will need.

When you're remodeling a home or office, money will always be involved, so how can you get the remodel you want while keeping your budget as low as possible? When you know what to look for and things to consider and learn how to make additional design changes for lower prices, you can make smarter, more budget-conscious decisions. For instance:

Plan Ahead. Planning ahead will save you more money than anything else you do. The more expenses you can predict, the less likely you are to be surprised by hidden costs, and when you do have hidden costs arise, you'll have the money set aside to deal with them. Get into the details of the planning process, everything from product suppliers to the dumpster rental can be planned out in advance and save you a lot of hassle.

Many things can lead to a massive cleaning project: moving, remodeling, estate sale, yard sale. Whatever the reason, though; sometimes the project is bigger than you imagined, and it can be completely overwhelming.

The best thing you can do for yourself before starting a project like this is taking a few minutes to think about how to handle it and plan everything in advance. Do you have a way to transport items you're donating, or can you find a charity with a pick-up service? Have you arranged a dumpster rental or trash run for trash? How and where will you store things you want to keep when you're finished?

Figuring that out will help you start with confidence, and keep reading for some tips that will help you keep going.

When you're ready to renovate, the excitement to start the project can make you antsy, but don't get ahead of yourself. Any time you renovate, you will need to make sure you're doing so safely, during the renovation itself and with your dumpster rental.


Before you get started, do a quick check to make sure you're prepared to be safe during your project:


Renovation Safety Tips


  • Plan ahead. Unexpected things are going to happen, that's the nature of any large project. However, planning as much as you can will prevent unexpected problems, including unsafe situations.

You've got your project all planned out. The details are in place, everyone's ready, your checklist is complete—except for the debris and trash removal part. In a panic, you go looking for a dumpster rental, but you're not sure what size is right. If you get one too small, you'll run out of room; too big, and you're wasting money. How can you know which one to choose?


If you really aren't sure, you can always ask! Here at Hoosier Hauler, for instance; we're happy to help you figure it out. To get an idea of the kinds of projects each dumpster is suited for, here are some examples:


6 Cubic Yards


The 6 cubic yard dumpster is a great choice for smaller projects. Just like its bigger brothers, this dumpster is extremely strong but compact, and it's equivalent to 2-3 full loads in a pickup truck.

When you think of those in the waste management, do you routinely think of generosity and heart? Maybe not, but this story might make you see your local waste industry members a little differently—it's got an awful lot of heart.


Virginia resident and veteran Rich Lorey discovered that between 2003 and 2008, many ashen remains from nearby Dover Air Force Base had been sent to the local landfill. Troubled by the fact that the fallen had been so unceremoniously released, he set out to raise money to put up a memorial at the landfill.

From the initial design until the dumpster services haul off the last of the debris, any renovation is a concentrated, priority project. If you're considering renovating your office, what's driving you to do it? Knowing that will help you know which direction to take, but don't forget to think about little things, as well!


The Design Itself


There are two ways to design your new office. Chances are, if you're renovating your business, you're going to seek a professional designer. Likewise, if you're renovating your home office, you might be more comfortable doing it yourself. Either way, there are a few things to remember:

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